Ryan Trahan

#TeamTrahan Social Media Ad

Ryan Trahan, being one of the largest YouTubers with over 10 million subscribers and 50+ million monthly views, wanted to start a campaign, where he gave back to his supporters. This was called #TeamTrahan, and for every subscriber he gained, he would give 10 cents back to his community - with the goal being 1 million dollars in total. To let his audience know about this, he needed an animated advertisement explaining the concept, which was where I came into the picture. Based on the journey of a blue character, we walk through the process from subscribing to receiving the money in the end. This integration was used in one of his videos that reached over 11 million views, and he has since grown his channel with more than 8 million new subscribers.


Ryan Trahan
Design & animation
Oliver Randorff
Ryan Trahan
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