I'm An Economist Explainer

Econa is the largest organization for economists in Norway, and they reached out to me, as they wanted to explain the 5 types that they most frequently encounter. Based on building blocks, the video introduces the different types of economists and how they impact society. Simplifying the concept, and the visual language, made it easier to understand, without it becoming childish.

The explainer video was used on Econa's social media platforms as part of their #JegErØkonom (#I'mAnEconomist) campaign, highlighting the key differences between economists.


Design & animation
Oliver Randorff
Helén Skogstad

Design Iterations

When working with a corporate client, wanting to keep the animation playful and entertaining, there's a fine line between childish and professional.

The first design iteration had the playful style nailed down, but it became too childish. This mainly came down to the colors and shapes of the "building blocks".

Using only brand colors, and creating the shapes directly from the ones in Econa's logo, I managed to maintain the playful style and the corporate look at the same time.

Character Development

As the characters would be seen from afar during most of the animation, I wanted something simple, and distinguishable - while still being able to add expressiveness in the movements.

To do this, I started with a simple chess-like piece, and slowly added elements, until I had a proper balance between the visual look, and the possibilities for animation.

This led me to a simple geometric construct with legs for a better walk/run cycle. Although, I did not add arms, as the characters did not need them to convey that they were holding objects - like the megaphone.